Monday, July 13, 2009


We have a family friend called Dot who has recently been very poorly. Luckily she is now on the road to recovery but is at present unable to return to her home while she convalesces.

My mum went to see her at the weekend. As she entered the room she heard Dot flatly refusing to take the medication she was being offered. Mum asked her what the problem was. "Huh!" says Dot. "I am NOT taking any of their medicines. THEY say I have got a heart problem. Doctor P told me there is nothing whatsoever wrong with my heart. No way am I taking any of their so called heart medicine. Look what happened to Michael Jackson."

Dot is 90.

Maybe it is being so careful that has helped her live as long as she has?


jay said...

Lol - yes, my grandfather was gassed in the first WW, smoked like a chimney all his life, despite having emphysema, and lived to a ripe old age. As far as I remember he took nothing much in the way of medicines.

Me, I'm on a half dozen different pharmaceuticals and as far as I can make out, the side effects are almost as bad as the original problem!

Karen said...

People often think that old people are out of touch, Dot is obviously not one of these as she's heard of Michael Jackson , who he was and that he's now dead. My great grandma was the same, she died aged 93 4 years ago and one of her favourite songs was:

"Do you really like it, Is it is it wicked ? We're loving it loving it loving, We're loving it like that" by whichever godawful hip hop crew tortured themselves over such complex lyrics.

J.J said...

Some people like your grandfather seem practically indestructable. I'm sorry to hear about yoru side effects though.

Karen - that's funny!

Miss jane said...