Monday, July 06, 2009

A is for


I am a neglectful blogger these days but I just had an idea for when I am stuck for something to write about. An A-Z of places I have been. The idea may well have been prompted by my walk last weekend that took me to Achurch. That is not (for a change) a typo. The photo is of me at a church in
Achurch. A tiny Northamptonshire village that until my walk took me there (twice) I didn't know existed. The reason it took me there twice was because instead of consulting an Ordnance Survey map, I pulled a pub walk directions off the internet and followed it blindly, but it was still a little bizarre when some three quarters of an hour after leaving Achurch, I found I was back in Achurch and still with four miles of the walk to go (in the rain)(without a jacket)(I don't like to complain).

So what can I tell you about Achurch? The church in Achurch has a well preserved tomb of a crusader from 1200 and something, which is quite impressive, and the guy who designed the First World War recruiting poster 'Your Country Needs You' was from there. I wonder how many men died because they responded to that?* Humm, that's about all I can tell you apart from the countryside around it is lovely.

So let's hope that if this series ever gets as far as B, that place will have had a bit more going on than a sleepy hamlet in the heart of the English countryside has had in the past 800 years.

* Reidski takes the piss out of me as whenever we visit some kind of amazing structure I always find myself asking him how many people he thinks may have died in the construction of the palace/cathedral/bridge - delete as appropriate. I am a terminally boring person to go anywhere with!


Jennyta said...

Nah! Not boring, just caring - about your fellow human beings, JJ, past as well as present. ;)

naldo said...

Achurch sounds splendid. I'm really hoping you've been to Bishop's Storton. Or Bognor Regis.

I was at Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish borders one beautiful sunny afternoon and a bus load of disabled French people arrived. A few of them got off their wheelchairs and lounged about in the sun next to where i happened to be rolling a wee smoke. It also happened to be right next to the grave of Early Haig who was one of the main geezers responsible for sending millions over the top to die in the first world war.

Me and my missus and the French cats were all kinda outraged to be sitting next to the grave of someone whom we all considered to be a bit of a bastard. And we asked each other how many people died because of his militry ineptitude and attitude of not giving a shit about mere numbers.

It was a very moving afternoon.

The poppy fund charity is named after Hague, which is why i don't do poppies.

naldo said...

Oh, Haig is spelled Haig, not Hague. Hague's the capital of the Netherlands i think. Hmm.

jay said...

Achurch sounds like one of those typically English little places, tucked away out of sight until you get there and find it dreaming away all by itself. I love places like that.

And I suppose everyone has to come from somewhere!

Z said...

Bungay starts with B - though Suffolk's a fair way from Northamptonshire.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

The curvaceous architecture is rather appealing. The church looks nice too.... When you get to M in about twelve years - may I suggest Milton Keynes?

JoeinVegas said...

But the important part, was there a good pub?

J.J said...

I love you Jenny!

Naldo - there is a statue to Hig outside Edinburgh Castle. It seems wrong.

Jay - I don't think it can be very far away from where you live.

Z - any excuse to visit Suffolk - a place I love.

YP- The church at least isn't in bad shape for its age :-)

I will DEFINITELY do Milton Keynes.

Joe - sadly no pub whatsoever. Believe me I would have checked it out of there had been - and one suspects, would have walked no further. At the end of my walk however a very excellent pub indeed.

Karen said...

Let me guess that Achurch is so called because that's pretty much all there is there?

Other B recommendations include Burgh by Sands (pronounced bruff) and Bootle, both in Cumbria. Oh and Brougham (pronounced broom). All little sleepy villages. Bootle has very nice farm shop and cafe, Burgh and I'm told has very nice pubs but I'm afraid I don't know much about Brougham except that it has a ruined castle.

J.J said...

Oh dear karen - I haven't been to any of them though you have reminded me I do know a village called Burgh in Lincolnshire. IN fact I used to live on Burgh road, Skegness. It has a windmill. That is all I can say on the subject ;-]

Miss jane said...