Sunday, December 02, 2007

Grey for England Manager's Job

I can confirm today that Northampton Town manager Stuart Grey has not ruled himself out of contention for the vacant position as the next England Manager.

Stuart Grey would find it hard to resist a serious offer to become England's new coach. However, the Football Association will lose this popular supporters' choice for the job if they continue to procrastinate over talking with the Northampton Town manager.

In contrast to Fabio Capello, who on Friday spoke about his desire to take on the job, according to associates of Grey's, Grey has himself resolved to say nothing publicly until he knows the FA's intentions.

The FA are yet to contact Grey directly about the England position in the aftermath of Steve McClaren's failure to qualify for Euro 2008 and subsequent sacking. Though a number of individuals claiming to represent the governing body have called Grey's agent, to poll his interest in the position, all inquiries have been deflected as they are widely assumed to be a wind up.

Grey has indicated to family and friends that he is waiting for a senior member of the FA hierarchy to make direct contact and that he is also not prepared to wait indefinitely for the FA.

Noting that England's next international is not until at least February, Brian Barwick of the FA has said that there is no need to rush the selection process. Asked if there was a danger of missing out on a candidate of Grey's calibre by waiting too long, he said: 'The most important thing is that we get the right person. The length of time it will take will be the length of time to get the right person.'

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cookie monster said...

Fa Cup 3rd round. Possible Northampton v Millwall game!

dear oh dear oh dear.....

Arthur Clewley said...

I have not ruled myself out of contention either

Reidski said...

Nice one - you know what I think of this type of journalism!!!!

J.J said...

Cookie - First we get them in whatever we call the League Cup this season, then we get them in the fA Cup - although we probably won't win the replay.

If we do we will then play them twice in four days - league then cup. Ridiculous.

If we did get through and then had a replay it would be five games against Millwall in one season.

Arthur, It could Be You!

Reidski - I do know, and you have converted me to your way of thinking.

Martin said...

Call yourself a fan? What's your manager's name again,JJ?

J.J said...

Typical crap journalism standard from me Martin! Can I get away with blaming spell checker? Thought not!