Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Service Sector

Reidski and I have had our fair share of crap service from miserable gits in the past few weeks as mentioned in his post Can't Shape Up which I can't do an exact link to for some reason. We are not alone if Katy Newton's experiences of trying to buy a cup of tea or trying to get a taxi
to London Bridge are anything to go by.

Very funny in the retelling, but both incidents coming one on top of the other, must have been SO annoying at the time.


The Fatalist said...

I've just read those tea & taxi links & I've got a big grin on my face, in my lunch break!
I've spent the morning worrying about computers I know nothing about & slowly but surely doing my head in!
What a tonic miserable bastards can be...as long as you're not dealing with them yourself.

Katy Newton said...

Thanks for what I believe is known as a "shout out", J.J.

(Incidentally, I deblogrolled you because your site is invitation only. If you open it up to the public again let me know and I'll put it back on.)

(Just saying.)


J.J said...

Good luck with the computer stuff Fatalist. I sympathise knowing nothing about the things myself beyond the 'on' button but great that you will soon have one fo your own.

I Shout Out Loud about how funny those posts of yours are Katy. And will do if I ever get over my deep dark fear of wheelie bin companies.