Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Glengarry Glen Ross

Last night Reidski and I went to see this
superb David Mamet play
which is on in the West End and stars Jonathan Pryce. It had had nothing but excellent reviews and I had really wanted to see it, but guessed I wouldn’t get the chance as it finishes its run on 12th January, and Reidski already had tickets to see it with some others. Luckily for me however, he saw a really good offer for which we not only got the theatre tickets but also a meal at a Spanish restaurant in Covent Garden for £20.00 each.

The meal – tapas – was very good, but en route to the theatre we assumed we would have pretty average seats. On the contrary though when we arrived we were told we had been ‘up-graded’ – and in fact we sat at the front of the stalls. A real bargain.

But why was it such a bargain, and why were we up graded to better seats? Well although I would love to say we were up graded because of our wonderful charm and personalities, I have to say it was more likely to have been because the theatre was half empty, and would have been emptier still if last had not successfully sold so many of their dinner and theatre tickets. I recognised at least half the audience from the restaurant we had just been to.

It seems such a shame that a play of such high quality is not selling out every night of its run. It seems to be the case that all West End theatre goers really want is a musical – though not this one apparently which proves I guess that we do have a modicum of discernment when it comes to theatre going. (And I speak as a Madonna lover myself!)

Anyway, see Glengarry Glen Ross whilst you still can – this time next month it will be so gone man.


Grilled Pizza said...

We went to see Phantom at the west end in August though a superbreak deal where you get the hotel too and we also got fab seats and had a great weekend, glad you had fun too!

Pixie said...

I went out for lunch last Friday, in a really decent place in a nearby town, we had taken the precaution of booking being the penultimate Friday before Christmas. We were the ONLY people in the place.
I think the money squeeze is starting to happen.

lady thinker said...

Thanks for the invitation. I'll pop back to look at more another day. Nice to meet you.

marc said...

Top play -- D & I saw it yrs ago when he'd first come out with it. Also great film made from it. The real hot ticket for me now would be 'Othello' at the Donmar starring Chitwel Ejiofor (Dirty Pretty Things, etc) as Othello & Ewan MacGregor as Iago. Dying to see that one but from what I understand, it's totally sold out & tix (face value 36 quid) are going in the 900 range online!!!