Friday, December 07, 2007

When hassle comes

like troubles they don't come as single spies do they?

This morning I get a call whilst getting ready to leave the house from my son who announces he has run out of petrol. Naturally this means mum must drop everything and dash to the rescue. I get to him and provide the necessary juice for him to get to school, but then I noticed one of his tyres is practically flat. I impressed upon him the importance of getting his tyre changed as soon as he got to school.

I am by now a little pushed for time, so was not a happy bunny to find my back roads route of choice closed due to fallen trees (it was a wild and windy night round our parts.)So I go the way of all the other traffic - by which I mean I go extremely slowly - we crawled along but I still had half an hour to get where I needed to be at 10.00, and as it was ordinarily only a 10 minute drive I was quite relaxed.

Until the man in the inside traffic lane to me tells me I have a puncture. "What?" I asked myself "is it with my family and tyres this morning?"

I pull off on to what may once have been a grass verge, but is now a mud pit. I get out and sink ankle deep into the mud. I determine to be a capable woman and change the tyre myself. I fail miserably at the first hurdle when I can't even work out how the jack is supposed to work. Male assistance is summoned.

I arrived for my 10.00 appointment at 11.

On leaving my appointment I then got stuck in the traffic jams once again and a journey which should have taken 5 minutes managed to take nearly an hour. This can't happen soon enough. No wonder no one shops in our town centre anymore.

Anyway, what I need tonight is a drink.

And as tonight is Reidski's work Christmas party

I suspect getting one won't be a problem (or a drink ;-) )


Pixie said...

There are times when I'm areally stron women and times when I perfectly sweet and useless and need a nice strong man to help me.... and you've got it cars are it!
Enjoy whatever comes your way this weekend.

cookie monster said...

You must have been really Tyred after that eh?

The Fatalist said...

Tread carefully, or she'll puncture your ego!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I am delighted to be a member of your inner sanctum again. By the way may I mention three words a) Liverpool b) Wheelie and c) Bins!. If you have anything to say about words without frontiers or bins without wheels then please spell it out you Northants hussie! Our Liverpool bins are da best! Love, Serf Derek Hatton C.S.E.(Woodwork), Cycl.Prof., A.S.S.H.O.L.E.

Moo said...

Well at least you didnt break down whilst joining a stand still of traffic on the A38! Yep, that would be me...the RAC man said he was 99% sure the head gasket had gone on the car but after investigation he clearly didnt know what he was talking about!! However, I still dont know what the problem is but hopefully nothing too major before Christmas.

In other news...I'm off to India in May for a 10 days!! EXCITED!!

Grilled Pizza said...

Thanks for the invite!
I think i'm going to enjoy reading!

JoeinVegas said...

If traffic was going that slow you could have driven on the flat for quite a few miles, until you found a wide spot, or a garage. Well, next time.

J.J said...

I often think how much we 2 seem to have in common Pixie!

Cookie - I was deflated.

Fatalist - you never let me down.

YP - HOORAY!!!!!! It has been so quiet round these parts without you.

Oh Moo - that is Not Good. Poor you.

But HEY - going to India is SO good!!! Fantatsic news!

Grilled Pizza - welcome, welcome, welcome!

Joe - OH!!! Well, I will know for next time I guess.