Sunday, December 16, 2007

Vegetarians Gone Wild!! Armstorng and Miller

It's kicking off Pru!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sorry but I just don't get this Armstrong and Miller. I watch it in stony-faced silence - rather like that shite - "My Family". I want comedy that makes me chortle and guffaw and lose control to a point where I slightly wet my pants - give me "Fawlty Towers", "Sgt Bilko" and "Have I Got News For You" any time. Armstrong and Miller? Sounds like some undertakers!

J.J said...

Not even slightly damp pants for the RAF sketch? Some of their sketches are weaker than others, but some really do make me cry laughing.

Gill said...

I love the ladies in Dandylion's.
'have you seen the tongs pru my love?'

They remind me of when I went for a thanksgiving dinner with a couple of lesbian friends I have and they had a hissed polite row in the kitchen about how to make gravy while Ruth and I sat trying to make polite conversation.

and the airmen are genius and the perverted'flanders and swann'

Steg said...

I must get into the habit of dropping in here as my feed reader can't access you now you've gone "invite only".

I'm thoroughly enjoying Armstrong & Miller especially their "Flanders and Swann" whose "Rohypnol" last week had me crying.

J.J said...

Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds a classic Gill!

Steg - I am sorry about the invite only thing - know it must be a pain, but stay with me and I will dig out that sketch on You Tube if I can - especially as we missed it last week.

Steg said...

It's not a pain, Jane. What is a pain is that my memory is shot. You may find my comments here come in "clumps".