Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the eve of the day some of us have been waiting for

An interesting article about what we can expect if we follow the Scottish example.

And with apologies to Marc (see promise made in comments but about to be broken) I couldn't resist publishing a link to this if only for this piece -

Dave Wild spends seven or eight hours a day in the pub. He's family, the ex-husband of landlady Linda. But that all stops when his beloved cigs are banned. "In 1974 I first came to this pub. I'm the ex-landlord and I'll stop coming [after the ban]," he says. "I smoke 100 to 120 cigs a day. The ban will kill us.

No comment necessary !


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Last night was my last Saturday night drinking in a pub alongside smelly smokers... it's hard to believe... thanks for the article about the Scottish experience - most uplifting. My team of vigilantes are ready to strongarm any smokers we find and march them into oblivion... It should have happened many years ago.

Pixie said...

It's a great day.
And last night i went out in a smokey club in derby and could only think about how much nicer it would be today.

I am actually looking forward to going out at night now and not coming home smelling like an overfilled ashtray

Gill said...

I know several smokers from Scotland and they really agree with the ban- most of them know it's a bad and expensive habit. They've found that the ban there has really helped them with an addiction they've had for years.

marc said...

Y.P.: I don't smoke, don't endorse it & find myself bothered by it next to me on occasion but I find your smug fascist view worrisome, with a twinge of hysteria. Fuck's sake, you've gotten what you want -- something a bit nazi-like about your 'take em out & shoot em' attitude. As much as I dislike smoking, I dislike a self-righteous poor winner even more.

J.J said...

YP, it is such good news. I was in the pub yesterday and it was a joy not coming away reeking of other people's poisonous weed.

Pixie, isn't it great!

Gill, all the smokers I know say the same.

Marc, I think part of why people like me and YP are so delighted about the ban is that it looked for a long time like it would never happen here, with our government looking to introduce exemptions, and delaying its implementation. The tobacco lobbists seemed so powerful, but it has happened and we are savouring the moment. I will try to shut up about it now though :-)

Brom said...

If smokers had kept themselves to themselves I would not have had a problem with it. AS we all know it's the by-products that I want to see gone, and now they have. They complain it's taking away their civil rights, well they have taken away ours for long enough.

Welcome to clean air!

J.J said...

Lovely lovely clean air Brom!

marc said...

>>And with apologies to Marc<,

Hey, it's your blog, madame. Just the tone gettin a little rabid for my liking. We're really on the same page here -- not disagreeing with the concept at all.

>>Lovely lovely clean air Brom!<<

Maybe for you lucky lot in idyllic unpolluted Northampton! Not if you live in London or Chicago!!

J.J said...

Ah, but when they are muck spreading in the fields it ain't quite so pleasant Marc!

Gill said...

did you know you can still smoke in the house of lords bar- apparently they voted to ban it for everyone else but not themselves!!