Friday, June 15, 2007

A not so positive outcome

as this one was.

Once upon a time there was a little girl and when she was 3 years old she remembers her mummy had a baby boy, but her wicked daddy made her mummy give the baby away.

The little girl grew up but she never forgot the baby brother she never knew. She never got married and never had a family of her own. She was lonely. She vowed to find the brother who was taken away from her. For many many years she sought him here, she sought him there but to no avail. She did not even know his name and could find out nothing. Where could he have gone?

When she was 78 years old there was a change in the law. As an avid watcher of daytime television she learnt of this change in the law and she picked up the phone to a lady called Jane for the first of very many times. When she spoke to this lady called Jane, Jane was unable to get off the phone and had to abandon all hopes of getting anything else done for the rest of the day. The little girl now aged 78 had become a very determined and formidable old lady, who can also manipulate the lady called Jane by bursting into tears at any point when it looked as if Jane was about to get off the phone to her. Jane promised to do all she possibly could to see if the 'baby brother' could be found. She searched and searched for any information and found out his name. Eureka! It would have been a little bit easier if his surname had not been the most common one in Great Britain but Jane pressed on.

It took over twelve months, and what seemed like much longer than that in contact with the world's most difficult elderly lady but Jane found the lady's 'baby brother' aged 75 for her. She made an old lady very happy....for about 2 days which was as long as it took for the same very difficult old lady to announce to me of the brother she had looked for all of her adult life "I can not stand him!"


Gill said...

hahhahaahahaha! Never mind virtue is its own reward (although I expect you get paid) you can take an ungratful old lady to water but you can't make her drink etc etc etc etc.

JoeinVegas said...

At least you got her off the phone. (you did, didn't you? Or does she still call?)

Pixie said...

She must have felt so let down by having a 75 year old brother and not the 3year old she remembered.

Or she was just a crabby old bitch???

J.J said...

Gill, I really should have expected the outcome I got.

Joe - if only! No, she is finding other things to ring me about.She is fundamentally very lonely.

Pixie, sometimes fantasy beats reality hands down. But at least she does now know.