Thursday, June 28, 2007

It looked for a while

as if Reidksi and I would be stuck for ever in Edinburgh. On arrival at Waverley Train station for our train home the signs said 'Do not travel unless absolutely necessary.' Well I for one couldn't think of a better city to get stranded in. We loved Edinburgh.

So wrapped up were we in the fabulous city that we failed to register the fact that most of Yorkshire (which our train was supposed to pass through) was cut off by the terrible floods. In the end we got a train to Carlisle and went down the west coast instead of the east, and did get home that night, though with regrets that we weren't still in Edinburgh.

By Monday afternoon we were looking at houses in estate agents windows, and Reidski, who has many times been heard to say how much he hates Scotland, was wondering about his chances of getting a relocation package. We particularly liked the classy shops. Jenners had nothing on this.

I suppose we did get a slight clue that the weather down south hadn't been too rosy. About lunchtime on Monday we saw a bedraggled group of people who we at first took to be jakies, but then upon registering the rucksacks, the coach they had just climbed down out of, and the fact that they were covered head to foot in mud, we asked them how Glastonbury had been. "Worth it!" was the answer.

Loads more on this to follow, complete with a comprehensive guide to Pubs What We Did Visit. But to sign off for now, a photo of the middle of Scotland's capital city.

Wow or what?


Alan said...

Ah, I've been up Arthur's Seat many a time. But what I do in my private life is no concern of yours!

Next time you come, give me a shout, I'll stand you a pint or two, maybe even in the Oxford, although it is probably the most dour and depressing bar in the entire city! Did you realise, btw, that I live just round the corner from Rebus?

Nat said...

I love Edinburgh. We were supposed to be moving there in 2005 but Dave got himself a job in Oz instead.

It was a hard decision!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yep, I too will empathise with Edinburgh as a great city. I'm off there next year for the BAAS conference and (hopefully) a catch-up with me ol' mucker EineKleineRob so am in full agreement of its beauties.

It HAS been a bit wet down here though.

marc said...

Welcome back dear! Edinburgh gets in your blood, eh? Me/D have fantasized relocating there....Heard from some folks that Glastonbury (quite pricey at 150 quid) was great this year. You can see clips of it on the BBC site.

Kahless said...


I've been to Edinburgh once and indeed it is wow.

Pixie said...

Welcome back. Hope the post hols blues aren't too bad, after all it's nearly July 1st!

If you go on a Reubus tour can i come to?

J.J said...

Alan, I promise that this is a very broadminded blog - and be warned that we WILL be returning to your fabulous city. And OHMIGOD re your near neighbour!

Oh Nat - what a choice...but the climate probably swung it????

Lisa - I loved it, loved it, loved it. an not wait to go back.

Marc - PLEASE you and D just do it - then we can come and live in your spare room for ever- aren't you SO put off the idea all of a sudden :-)

Oh Kahless, yes it is!

Pixie - most definitely you can! But I am afraid I am suffering post Edinburgh withdrawal sympoms - somehow Northampton just doesn't QUITE measure up. (Not by about a million miles.)(And I quite like Northampton.)

JoeinVegas said...

Did he purchase one of the advertised kilts?