Thursday, June 21, 2007

9 days and still counting

When I started the countdown clock there were 173 days to go and now there are only 9. But Reidski and I can't wait that long for a drink in a smoke free pub and are therefore off on Saturday to a civilised country for a few days.

And I pure cannae wait by the way. As I believe the natives say.

I just know I am going to get right on his nerves having 'Rebus came here' moments every five minutes- especially when I drag him in this pub so sorry in advance dearest!


Reidski said...

The thing is that when you say "Rebus came here" you'll always mean pubs (unless you mean crime scenes, of course), so no need for apologies darling.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

One day we may say to our grandchildren "I remember times when folk smoked cigarettes in pubs!"
"No way grandpaw!"
Like you I am so looking forward to smoke free evenings when your clothes don't stink of other people's exhalations.

Gill said...

Have a lovely time in Edinburgh and don't forget to go shopping in Jenners.

The Fatalist said...

I went to Edinburgh in January 2005, midweek for 2 days, to look around & (my excuse to be there) watch London Racers play ice hockey away to Edinburgh Capitals (& Newcastle the following night). I really enjoyed doing all the tourist stuff, but couldn't believe how fucking hilly the place is...maps DON'T tell you that! I went round on one of those tourist open top buses. I was the only one on the top deck...sat at the front, shivering as it had started to snow! But I wanted to see everything. I jumped off at the (ex)royal yacht Brittania, & on the way back into town the guide dispensed with the microphone as I was the only passenger & I got my own 'personal' commentary which made me feel quite important!
Enjoy! Oh, and they have some nice fudge shops as well...I love fudge.

The Fatalist said...

And talking of smoking(I've never smoked personally) Do you remember (when I was a kid in the seventies) when they had alternate smoking & non-smoking carriages down on the underground? If you were dashing for a tube it really was a case of 'russian roullette) as you jumped on.
And smkoking on London buses was allowed upstairs only. Then they partially phased it out, with smoking 'only' at the back of the top deck. Fat lot of good that was on the Routemasters (RIP) when the stairs were at the back!

gordon said...

Next time you go into a pub before 1st July say to everyone that you're going to go outside for a smoke. It will start a trend. I guarantee that in two weeks time everyone (who smokes) will be doing it.;)

Gill said...

How strange- people are always saying how hilly edinburgh is and I always think of it as fairly flat-everything is relative isn't it.

Nat said...

Ah, non-smoking pubs was a marvellous invention.

I'm convinced that half of the hangover comes from the stench of your hair the next morning.

Welcome to sweeter smelling drinking establishments.

Now, if they could only ban the underarm stench from some of the more feral of male species, I'd be a lot happier.

...smoke hides a multitude of sins!

N x