Monday, September 22, 2008

Why is it

That everytime a man does this someone says something along these lines.....

Paul Timberlake, a friend of Mr Cass said he was stunned about what had happened. “You would never have thought this of him,” he said. “He was such a nice bloke, he’d do anything for anyone and was very helpful and he absolutely loved his children.


Absolutely loved his children????

Evil, controlling, selfish bastard - yes.

Nice and loved his children - I really don't think so.

Wednesday's Guardian asksthe same question.


Jay said...

Not true love, for absolutely certain. Bastard is always the word that comes into my mind. OH usually walks around shaking his head, almost in tears, and saying things like 'I just don't understand how anyone can DO that ... '

The best I can think is that the balance of his mind was seriously disturbed. The worst? Evil f*ck*r!

J.J said...

Jay - let's agree on the Evil fucker description. I am horrified by the number of times we see stories like this. How the bereaved mothers involved carry on I just can not imagine.