Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Of course it had NOTHING to do with the money.


Anonymous said...

How dare you trick me into looking at that traitorous b*st*rd! I threw my love away on that faithless guttersnipe wah wah wah!


Jay said...

Remember the days when the teams were made up of local players? When the English teams were composed of Englishmen and the French teams of Frenchmen and the Spanish teams of Spaniards, and so on?


I must be getting old...

The Fatalist said...

What with him linking up with Rooney will ManUre have the ugliest pairing in the Premiership?
Granted they've also got one of the tastied in Cristiano Ronaldo, but I simply refuse to have a crush on such a damn cheat, so he doesn't count! ;-)

J.J said...

I'm sorry Messalina - I feel your pain.

Jay - if we had a player from as far away as Cambridgeshire we used to consider him to be a foreigner.

Fatalist - Tevez too! Eeekkk. They could frighten the defenders away just by looking in their general direction.