Thursday, September 11, 2008


This post contains reference to an item many men prefer to know nothing about.

Body combat always used to be my favourite gym class - great for getting rid of that pent up aggression - but my current gym only started putting these classes on this week. I booked myself in for a lunch time class and went along to see if it was as good as I remembered.

Obviously I was not the only one keen to do the class as the studio was packed. All of us save for one brave bloke were female.

Anyway, for those who don't know what one of these classes is all about there is a lot of kung fu style kicking, leaping and punching to high energy music. Unfortunately it seems that someone must have put far too much into one of her kicks as suddenly I became aware that there was a tampon on the floor and it wasn't (how can I put this delicately?) in pristine condition. Now it could have been worse - from the condition point of view that is - but all the same it was not surprising that no one was in a hurry to reclaim their lost property. So what did we all do? We carried on with our leaps and our kicks, but made damn sure that when in that area of the studio we jumped just that bit higher to avoid skidding on the damn thing.

Any injury caused by said item would have made for a slightly unusual insurance claim.


Gill said...

so this body combat takes place without pants on? are you sure its a gym class and that you aren't being filmed for sky porn 2?

Anonymous said...

At least it didn't hit anyone in the eye ... as far as we know.


John said...

I've seen worse things squeezed out during karate class. You'd be surprised what a kick in the stomach can produce.

Jay said...

I guess someone needs to practice their pelvic floor exercises! LOL!

JJ said...

Hi JJ, this is JJ too. You just visited mine. I too am a hesitant named JJ as someone in the Novel Racers had already claimed 'Jen'. Now, I'm just known here as JJ and I live with it!

Nice to meet you.

Karen said...

Ewww! Be careful in body combat though JJ as one of our CPNs is off for 5 weeks after breaking her wrist at a class