Friday, September 05, 2008

Where were you?

I got this from Counago and Spaves.

Princess Diana's death - 31st August 1997

The day before this we had been on a family holiday in Devon and had been packing up in torrential rain. My mum rang me very early the next morning and asked me if I had heard the news. “What news?” I asked. “Just go and turn on the tele” she said. As I went to turn on the tele I was guessing that where we had just been on holiday had flooded. It hadn’t. Or if it had it was with tears. Strange times. And I have to admit my first thought was “How very convenient for the Royals.” I feel I now have to add to that “How very convenient for the Royals that she was killed in a crashed car driven recklessly by a drunk driver” in case anyone thinks I am a nutter.

Margaret Thatcher's Resignation - 22nd November 1990

We had just moved house and there were boxes everywhere. Nothing got put away that morning though. I had been glued to the TV all week as those where the days when politics was so exciting. Who can ever forget John Sergeant’s encounter with Thatcher outside the Paris Embassy when she had declared her intention to fight to win the week before. I rang everyone I knew and some I had never met before (wrong numbers dialled in my haste) to spread the glad tidings. The wicked witch was finally out of Downing Street.

Attack on the twin towers - 11 September 2001

I was in the staff room at the gym where I was working at the time. There were four of us in there and there was a TV on the corner. It cut to live footage of a tower in flames. It happened that one of the people I was with was a former fire fighter and he started talking about how impossible a job it was going to be to extinguish that fire. As he spoke a plane flew into the other tower. We saw it happen and still didn’t believe what we had just seen. The newscaster couldn’t grasp what he had just seen either. I will never forget that surreal and dreadful moment.

England's World Cup Semi Final against Germany - 4 July 1990

In my old house with my first born and husband. Had been a nervous wreck ever since we got through to the semi’s. Nothing seemed important except the forth coming match. Thinking about it had been keeping me awake at night imagining that this time – at last – we would get through to the Final.

I cried. I do remember feeling such pride though. Not something I have felt much recently whilst watching England matches.

It is a very good thing I did not know Reidski at that time.

President Kennedy's Assassination - 22 November 1963

I don’t have a memory of the news breaking as I was only 4 but I do clearly remember seeing footage of little John at the funeral and understanding that something very sad had happened. I guess that must be one of my earliest memories of watching something on the television.

Anyone else want to give this one a go?


Jay said...

My memory for dates is shockingly bad. And my mind simply doesn't work like that - some people remember the anniversaries of their nearest and dearest's deaths and I never do. My mother is constantly shocked, but it's simply not important to me.

As for your list, I thought I was in the London flat when that happened but I couldn't have been, so I don't know.

The only one I know for sure out fo that list, is September 11th. I was in our local shopping mall, and I kept hearing people talking and saying things like 'have you heard the news? Isn't it terrible!' I had no idea what they were talking about until I got home

trousers said...

I remember all these - except for the Kennedy one since I had a few years yet to be born.
I might just do this one at some point, since the Sept 11th one was a very odd moment indeed..

Fire Byrd said...

uum remember Princess Di,the twin towers and Kennedy, football and politics were in the same league of disinterest then.

J.J said...

Jay, I can remember the birthdays of all the girl's who were in my primary school class...Suzie - May 26th, Julia - December 8th, Lynn - April 20th etc etc, but can't remember the birthdays of almost anyone I have met since then which is slightly concerning !

Trousers - you are so young!

Pixie (sorry - you will always be Pixie to me - I hope you don't mind me calling you that) - I can't believe how passionate I used to be about politics. I was so overjoyed on May 1st 1997 when we finally got a Labour government. Let's just say that joy didn't last very long. If football at the highest levels carries on the way it appears to be going maybe in ten years time I won't be interested in that either.


Karen said...

I will do this so head over the my blog!

J.J said...

good one Karen.

trousers said...

Oh thank you j.j - that's something which gets said to me less and less often...