Monday, March 31, 2008

Road trip

In which Reidski and Jane boldly venture North.

I saw a hotel deal for a place in Scarborough offering dinner, bed and breakfast for 2 at £45 a night. That is £45 for two. That seems cheap. In fact it seems so very cheap that one wonders just exactly how basic this hotel will be. I will report back.

Anyway, I'm not too bothered about eating at the hotel as I am fully intending to stuff my belly full of fish right here.

The last time I was in Scarborough I ended up at the hospital watching my then three year old daughter have her eyelid stictched up following an accident on an astro glide. She still has the scar and I blame myself as I knew at the time I should have been demanding the best stitcher up of eyes that Yorkshire had to offer.

The time before that I was in Scarborough half of the hotel garden disappeared over the cliff and into the sea during an over night storm. A year or so later the entire hotel followed it.

I am due a disaster free trip to Scarborough.

Back Wednesday if Dracula doesn't get me first.


Gill said...

You should be safe, Dracula hangs out in Cumbria, near Croglin. That's where Bram Stoker got the idea, allegedly.

cookie monster said...

Football related but it's quite sad to see the demise of Scarborough Fc isn't i?

Hope you have a great time!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Errr. I realise that some women can be - how shall I say it - geographically challenged but The popular Magpie Cafe is in Whitby -not Scarborough! Hope you have/had a nice time back in this fabulous county of broad acres.

John said...

And isn't astro glide a lubricant?

Karen said...

Look out for Captain Scarlet figurines in the grass at Whitby Abbey. Or maybe that's just me. I kept finding them for a little while. I once found one in a car park and kept getting them in boxes of Wheetos even though there were other ones to collect.

Look out for weird stones on the beach with holes in too.

Brom said...

Never been to Scarborough, one of those places on my list of... places I must visit.

J.J said...

Gill - don't tell the tourist indusrty in Whitby that!

Cookie - yes I agree.

YP - we made very sure we went to both.

John - that would explain why it was so slippery.

Karen- I think that really could be just you!

Brom - the whole area is wonderful.