Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am very disappointed.

My hopes were raised when I read in the latest circular to all staff that our very own parking service was shortlisted for no less than TWO categories in the prestigious national British Parking Awards 2008.

My reading went on to inform me that The British Parking Awards are recognised as the leading showcase for innovation, excellence and achievement in the UK parking sector – but you probably all knew that already?

So it was with baited breath that I logged on to The British Parking Awards website> to read how the awards (attended by a packed house of nearly five hundred parking professionals over lunch at the Dorchester Hotel on Friday) went.

Alas, I have to tell you my employers came away empty handed.

However, I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Haringey Borough Council for their triumph in the
Enforcement Team of the Year Award (sponsored by The Enforcers*)

And this looks like the sort of car park one would wish to visit…

The Best New Car Park Award was won by:

Ocean Car Park, Southampton.

The Ocean Car Park provides 776 spaces for the new Ocean Village Marina. The designers wanted to create a car park where the architecture aided the subconscious understanding of the first time user. It has iconic spiral ramps and there are daylight sensors to control lighting and rainwater is harvested to irrigate landscaping.

(We are talking about a car park here aren’t we? Ed.)

Well done indeed to all the worthy winners, most of whom are too deeply dull to mention. (OK. ALL of whom are probably too dull to mention, but I mentioned two of them anyway.)

Another slight disappointment from the same staff circular. Towcester Recycling Centre HAS won an award – but my hopes for national recognition for Towcester Recycling Centre were shattered when on further investigation it turns out they were only up against the other recycling centres in the county.

Still, many thanks to my employers who obviously feel we need to know this stuff.

(You need n’t thank me for taking the time to share it with you. Hey! It is my pleasure!)

• Sounds like a ‘70’s cop series.


Karen said...

Hello Jane-not-JJ!

Glad you had a great time in Paris I'm tres jealous.

In my very limited experience of work circulars they are all dull - but yours seems especially so!

Have home interweb so will be able to blog more frequently, so feel free to pop over to my corner :)

J.J said...

Hiya Karen!

Good news on the internet access. I will be across!

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry about the award, I'm sure you all worked very hard for it.

Gill said...

sorry I fell asleep in the middle of the post. I'm afraid parking awards just don't do it for me.

Reidski said...

That Gill is very weird - thought it was the best post you've done in a long while hon ;-)

J.J said...

Joe, it was a devastating blow to the whole corporation.

Gill, I find it very hard to imagine what kind of people would be in to them!

Reidski - yes, definitely one of my best and most scintillating subjects for many a post!