Monday, March 17, 2008


to the police in Hemel Hempstead for this rescue.

"All in all, not a bad day off" according to He Who Was Rescued.


Karen said...

what a way to make what could have been an interesting story a dull one. And who ends a post with "hop hop"?! I hope my blog is never that dull.

The Fatalist said...

Actually dear, the 'hop, hop' refers to 'groundhopping', so I'm half taking the piss out of myself.

Each to his or her own, regarding to blogs. Some you like some you don't.

And I don't actually write mine for you personally. Keep on hoping about your blog though, because I've just had a look in, and believe me it is!

Karen said...

as you say each to their own fatalist. the feeling is mutual! Blogs are like Marmite. I guess sometimes if you don't the person why the hell would you want to know that they had for lunch on Tuesday? Funny old thing blogging really.

J.J said...

Well I love you both!

Reidski said...

It was a great story. How can anyone think that was dull?