Monday, January 04, 2010

Just my bad luck

Been stuck here since New Year's Eve.

Sheer hell.

So wish I was back at work instead but what with being surrounded by 7 foot snow drifts what can one do but turn to (yet more) drink?

Happy Two Thousand and Ten (as I have decided it definitely is to be called).


Yorkshire Pudding said...

God - isn't that aerial view of the Tan Hill Inn spectacular? Surely you are kidding - you haven't really been at The Tan Hill Inn have you? I admit I can be rather gullible at times.

Moo said...

Happy New Year JJ, I hope to be in your neck of the woods soon (definitely when the snow has gone!!)

Hope you're all well xxx

trousers said...

I would dearly love to be snowed in somewhere like that. Yes I too am thinking (like Mr Y. Pudding above), are you really stuck there? Either way, I'm jealous of those who, erm, suffered such an ordeal..

Happy 2010 to you x

Gill said...

any bloody excuse, get yer snow shoes on lass and get back to work!

jay said...

You are one of the ones trapped at Tan Hill? LOL! I heard about that just today. Spectacular location to be trapped, but I would imagine it gets old very quickly with that number of people trapped in a small space!

Hey - I know someone famous-ish! :)

J.J said...

Oh dear - I feel guilty now for spinning you a line. I am afriad I did not really have the 'misfortune' to get stuck in the pub for three days!

Wondering now if work would also have believed me if i had used it as an excuse for another day or two off...too late to find out sadly ;-) And anyway - my boss would probably have taken Gill's line!

Happy New Year to you all.

And Moo - hope to see you soon darling x

JoeinVegas said...

At least you were in the pub able to do pub quizes, you could be in that darn lighthouse instead.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ha ha - just to make you feel really rough, one of Neil's colleagues was in Jamaica for Xmas/New Year and last week fund that with Gatwick closed she would have to stay in the Caribbean for an extra week!

Such hardship.

She was due back today.

Steve said...

C'mon I want to know what happened before Xmas!

J.J said...

Joe - To the lighthouse has a certain ring to it.

Oh Lisa - that sounds so dreadfully marvellous!

Oh Steve - wishing I could tell all, but due to a mix of bad weather, illness and sheer bloody incompetence the matter that should have been done and dusted on the 6th January remains unresolved. Hopefully any day now....