Friday, January 15, 2010

Anyone interested in a second 'hand' rabbit at all?

Is this the strangest list of stolen items ever?

The charge sheet alleges that the accused, one Fabrizio Martino, having entered as a trespasser a dwelling, stole therein food, drink, eggs, a bag of crisps, bin bag full of assorted children's toys, Lego building blocks and plastic toys. Bob the Builder toy, soft toys. Linen basket containing unwashed clothes . . . light bulb, grey broom, keys to flat and shed, scales, curtain pole,with dark brown leaf pattern.

After describing in detail four sex toys allegedly stolen by Martino, believed to be worth in excess of £100, the list then goes on: "Yellow JCB digger, jigsaw piece*, yellow quad bike toy of value unknown."

* Just the one! How very annoying.


Gill said...

well if you have lots of sex toys a one piece jigsaw is all you have time for ;-)

jay said...

I want to know how they knew exactly what he'd stolen! I'd never be able to pick out things with that much certainty. A single jigsaw piece? Why don't they assume it's down the back of the sofa? They must have a very clean and tidy house.. and yet they have kids!

The sex toys I understand. Either you have them or you don't. And if you have them, you darned well know them. Intimately. ROFL!

I can imagine it now.

'Hey, where's my purple silicone super-wibbly, multi-speed, G3 Rabbit with the diamante detailing? I'm sure I left it with the others. It had two brand new Duracell batteries in it, too!'


Yorkshire Pudding said...

JJ - Was it your house? Purple? I thought yours would be claret and white!

J.J said...

Very good Gill!

And yes Jay - unless they cought him red handed how could these items be accounted for? A missing packet of crisps for example in my house could be attributed to any number of possible culprits.

YP - I have my own personal needs catered for by a certain Scotsman thank you :-)

ethan1066 said...

if you have a bucket full of sex means you have purchased your ticket for the moon...