Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Technical hitch

I can't actually access my own blog from the computer I use most of the time anymore. I don't know if it was my reference to a vibrator wot dun it, but whilst I can post things to it(at least I think I can - will soon find out) I can't reply to comments, and browsing all your blogs is problematic too.


Anyway, just wanted to say that the matter which should have been resolved on 6th January still hasn't been settled due to a quite extraordinary mixture of snow, illness and incompetence. Enough to say by the time it is settled an enormous rant will be appearing from me on the subject.


Steve said...

And there was me thinking you'd become Fabrizio Martino's fence ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why would you want to post things to your vibrator? Weird.

J.J said...

My life just ain't that exciting Steve!

YP - fair point,well made.