Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho Ho Bloody Ho

Hopefully early in the New Year I will be able to relate a good news story related to something that happened yesterday. At the moment though I am not going to mention the truly shit thing that happened yesterday because I am a) trying not to think about it, and b) am convinced that come the New Year the whole nasty story will have gone away - along, I sincerely hope, with the low life that have created this current shit. Enough to say that bad things happen to good people but I am sure it is just a temporary setback and I'll be damned if I let it ruin Christmas for my family.

So just to wish anyone who has been crazy enough to continue to visit your frequently neglectful hostess here a Very Happy Christmas and New Year.

And by the way - Will the New Year be Two thousand and ten or will it be Twenty ten? I need to know!


Malc said...

Twenty-ten, I think. A least we've got rid of the toe-curling phrase 'noughties'.
Happy Christmas to yourself and the family.

jay said...

Oh, dear. I'm so sorry some idiot has tried to spoil your Christmas! Don't let the you-know-what get you down! *Hugs* to you.

Yes, I have been hearing 'Twenty-ten' on the radio, so I guess that's what it will be.

Merry Christmas to you and yours - despite the Despicable One.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Whatever happened... keep your chin up and have a lovely Christmastime with your family and friends. If you want me to come down and bloody this person's nose I can make it in under three hours. Happy Christmas!
And for me it will always be two thousand and ten because I am not an American and I am also quite pedantic.

Steve said...

Chin up Jane and F*ck 'em!

All the best to you and yours. Two thousand and ten for me too.


JoeinVegas said...

We use baseball bats here, but I'm sure a cricket bat would work just as well.

Call it whatever you want to. I like 'Fred'

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Special award for you over at mine.

John said...


Happy new year JJ! Big hugs.


Deana said...

Okay, Girlie, you promised us a Big Story and it's the new year...spill!

J.J said...

Malc youa re so right - 'noughties' is gross.

Thanks Jay - we didn't let it get to us too much. Have to wait for another few days to hopefully get that piece of nastiness out the way for good.

YP - be on call for Wednesday in case things don't go quite as they should do. and thank you for my special award - I am dead chuffed!!!

Cheers Steve! and how is that lovely grandchild of yours doing?

Joe - baseball AND cricket bat may be called into action. HNY to you!

John - Sounds too much like 'uh oh' to me. Happy New Year to you too!

Hiya Deana - Loved your Facebook rant girl! The story should be concluded on Wednesday so watch this space.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hope things have settled down. hugs for 2010 whatever the hell it's being called in words.

J.J said...

thanks Lisa!