Friday, December 11, 2009

More local news

This time from Ayrshire.

Reidski assures me this is actually the lead headline in this week's paper. What I especially like about this story is not only its content which is clearly local news at its best - 'Man grows record breaking moustache' - but more than that - the moustache was shaved off on 1st December and the paper doesn't actually have a photograph of it. Therefore we all have to imagine what Mikey Hughes record breaking moustache looked like. In fact they don't even have a photo of what he looks like without the record breaking moustache so we will have to imagine that too.

Of course it could be I suppose that everyone in Ayrshire knows what Mikey Hughes looks like and not expecting a wider readership for this story thought a photo was surplus to requirements?


Fire Byrd said...

You mean YOU don't know what Mikey Hughes looks like??

Steve said...

Jane....Can I just say...I'M A GRANDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Steve - If you really are a grandad then why not grow a moustache just like Mikey? You could later shave it off raising millions in sponsorship for the Baby Joseph grandad charity!

J.J said...

I am checking out Facebook right now FB in an effort to learn.

Steve - that is simply the best thing I have read (and now seen in that gorgeous photo of yours) on blogs all year. I am so delighted for you and your family.

YP - you have a gift for marketing ideas and that is indeed a great one - but resist Herbalife. Resist, resist!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Message to Ms All-Cobblers
Stupidly, I seem to have deleted your email address from my contact list. I would like to know a bit more about your friend's experience of Herbalife. Please get back to me or perhaps you could ask your friend to email me a little account of her encounter with the company.

J.J said...

I've e-mailed your hotmail address YP.

Martin said...

It's not clear what record his moustache set.Did it cook the worlds largest deep-fried pizza? Or maybe it was domino toppling?

We really don't need to know and soon!

J.J said...

Martin - a very good point well made. Indeed it does not make clear what the record breaking moustache actually achieved :-)