Sunday, December 06, 2009

Times are hard

But even so, Northampton's Christmas lights leave a bit to be desired....

To be precise if the photo isn't very clear it leaves 'HRISTMAS and MPTON' to be desired.

Sums the place up quite well really.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

"Merry Northa!" Of course - the well-known pagan festival that precedes Christmas in which revellers visit mega-supermarkets to fill their trolleys with crap before mixing drinks at their works parties and spewing in taxis or gutters. Merry Northa everybody!

Gill said...

and a merry c to you too!

Malc said...

Eason's eetings.

Nice to see the road out of Northampton is well signposted.

J.J said...

YP - Merry Northa definitley has a ring to it. I Love It!

Gill - and to you and yours. And many thank yous for the improved version which I have put on instead of the original.

Malc - yes, thankfully the escape route is well marked! 'Easons 'Eetings to your good self too :-)