Friday, November 06, 2009

So annoying

It has been 'one of those days' for me. It began with me up and planning a bath before work only to find that - inexplicably - the bath plug was missing. I searched high and low for the plug, but without success. I can think of no reason why such an item should take its self off of its own accord. How annoying. Anyway, I had therefore to have a shower which of itself is annoying as the shower head at its highest is only shoulder height to me and I have to stoop under it. Further annoyance was caused when I went to Homebase to buy a replacement bath plug and it took fifteen minutes of fruitless searching, which was made up from minutes spent looking for a plug on own without success and minutes spent looking for a member of staff who could help me find a plug - also without success. Where have all the Homebase staff gone? Long time passing....

When eventually a bath plug was located I was further annoyed by how much money they wanted for such a basic item. Who knew one could pay as much as £9.58 for a bath plug?

Next I went to Tesco wanting a piece of salmon weighing about 600 grams to be cooked 'en croute', but the fishmonger only had ready cut pieces weighing at most 125 grams,and was unable (or unwilling) to cut into a whole salmon so that I could have what I wanted. Very annoying and meant an immediate 'think on feet and change of plan' on the culinary side, which also meant I no longer wanted half of the items I had in my trolley and had to put them back. Tonight though I am cooking something else down at Reidski's which requires a particular quite unusual spice which I already possess. How annoying then that I have just realised I have left the damn stuff at home and won't have time to go back and collect it.

But now I have read this and instead of feeling rather annoyed, I am instead rather amused.

Have a good - and completely unannoying - weekend everyone.

P.S What was REALLY annoying was when I got home with my new bath plug to see the old one sitting on the edge of the bath right next to the taps. GRRRRRR!!!!!!


Jennyta said...

Homebase staff are always a) conspicuous by their absence
b) conspicuously lacking in the helpfulness/practical gene. ;)
HOW much for a bath plug???

Z said...

How much for a bath plug? I thought I spent a lot last time I needed one and had to buy two in a pack. It was well under £2 at the local ironmongers, though.

And I'd have asked to see the manager at Tesco. Or alternatively, abandoned my trolley with the stuff I didn't want. Especially if it included frozen items which would have to be thrown away.

Now off to the link...

Jay said...

Homebase is a useless shop, but not as useless as Do It All. I think that one takes the biscuit for Most Annoying and Blood Pressure Raising DIY shop. OH refuses to set foot inside it anymore.

What you needed was a little specialist ironmongers or hardware store. Where did they all go?

J.J said...

Jenny - there were legions of would be customers stalking the shop floor in order to try and locate the lesser spotted Homebase worker. HOPELESS!

Z - how incredibly annoying to have to buy two bath plugs - mad! Good price though. And i wish I had done as you suggested in Tesco too.

Jay - your OH is obviously very wise. I love independent hardware shops....probably for their novelty value these days as much as for anything else. As you say they are disappearing fast.