Monday, November 16, 2009

My cats

I have two cats. The oldest one George is evil. I think this photo captures him quite well.

His not so endearing way of asking for food is to take a chunk out of my ankles in order to get my attention. I have to admit that does tend to get him noticed. All my visitors are terrified of him - and even my family treat him with a great deal of circumspection.

Sophie on the other hand is universally adored. She is a very appealing little cat - who aged 6 is still the size of a kitten (George is the size of the back end of a bus) and she is very affectionate to one and all.

George hates her guts, obviously seeing her as a total creep.

It is however Sophie who is this week in disgrace. First of all she walked over the home baked apple and blackcurrant pie made for yesterday's Sunday dinner, leaving two paw sized holes in it....then she bloody well sat on it.


trousers said...

Do you think George might have put Sophie up to this? Or that she's done it to get in his good books?

Still, I imagine the most likely option is that she did it Because She Felt Like It.

Gill said...

ha that is so funny. I can just imagine it.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Who made that pie? Sophie cannot talk and so the only way she can express her disgust is through feline body language. Now if you had bought a Mr Kipling pie, I am sure that Sophie would have simply purred with admiration.

jay said...

Hahaha! I just sent the link for this to my older son who has always said cats were evil. LOL!

He's mildly allergic to them - he gets hayfever symptoms - and you know what cats are like, they'll make a beeline for someone who doesn't want to know.

Sorry about the pie .. .but thanks for the laugh!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Was the pie hot at the time? you haven't been letting her watch 'American Pie' have you?!

You really should have took a picture of her sat in it.

J.J said...

Trousers - it was still warm out of teh oven - I expect she did Just Feel Like Ir!

Gill - can you imagine my calm reaction? 'SOOOOPPPPHHHHIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!'You little sod!!!!!

YP - funnily enough she turns her nose up at freshly cooked chicken instead favouring a box of Morrison's dried cat food. Maybe her palate prefers processed?

Jay - it is SO true that cats always make a bee line for people who don't want them - they ar eobviously all evil -not just George.

Lisa - the photo opportunity was probably somewhat ruined by my screaming like a banshee at the poor animal causing her to vacate said resting place post haste!

Miss jane said...