Friday, November 13, 2009

Local news headline

"Three pizzas stolen by armed gang."

I probably shouldn't find this funny as after all some poor guy was robbed at knife point, but that would seem to be less news worthy to the writer of this piece than the fact that three pizzas were nicked.


trousers said...

Any idea what flavour they were?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Milton Malsor - sounds like Chicago in the thirties. "Hey man whaddya! Gimme that pizza now dude and make sure it got pepperoni and anchovy!"

Jay said...

My goodness, talk about an opportunist crime! Did they give him his directions? LOL!

John said...

A gang armed with one knife between them. Didn't exactly come prepared did they?

J.J said...

Trousers - my thoughts exactly. We need more detail. I would also like to know how many were in the gang - were three pizzas enough?

YP - it is a wild outpost masquarding as a quaint village full of houses with thatched roofs. A more bizarre place for such a robbery is hard to imagine.

Welcome back btw - hope coming home wasn't too depressing after such a wonderful trip.

Jay - I think the least they could have done in the circumstances is tell him where the pizzas should have been headed.

John - the gangs round here really are clueless. 'Tooled up' they were not.

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