Monday, May 04, 2009

Status Quo - Down Down (toppop)

says it all :-(


trousers said...

My commiserations.

J.J said...

Thank you Trousers. I know you understand all too well. How one copes when ones side drops out the league I really don't know.

trousers said...

I remember my mum saying to my brother (regarding MTFC) before the start of this season, well, things can only get better, to which he replied, no, don't say that! They might not get better at all!.

All I can say is that the last season has been less anxiety-provoking (partially but not entirely due to lowered expectations) and there's been some changes - positive ones - off the pitch.

Maybe we'll go back into the league next season, maybe not. Same goes for your lot too. It's depressing, though not as much as I anticipated...but I have to confess I've not been able to do much other than support MTFC from a distance for many years, so it's probably less of a blow for me than it has been for you.

I'm not sure if I'm helping am I?

J.J said...

Trousers - it does help. Thank you.

Also - time is a great healer and I have decided not to top myself about this after all ;-)


Rodders said...

At the end of season player of year do for the mighty Dulwich Hamlet in 1989 we asked the DJ to play 'down,down'. He never had it, so one of my mates got a cab home to get his copy. all night..."down, down, tooting are down" after our biggestrivals had been relegated that day! ;-)