Saturday, May 09, 2009


Kev W took up the challenge of the Digital Detox and he switched off the tele, internet, X-boxes etc for an entire week. No e-mail for seven days? Heaven or hell? Discuss.

Anyway, this is just a very brief post on the off chance that anyone has noticed I haven't been around to say - no, the relegation blues has not resulted in me being carried off to the local funny farm. (You can tell I am a social worker by my empathetic attitude to those of us suffering with mental illness.)

I am almost tempted to say 'If only' as that experience may have been more interesting than the reason for my self imposed internet exile.I have in fact been on study leave doing the most boring, mind dulling assignment ever devised by any university anywhere.I didn't dare switch on the internet or the damn thing would never ever have got done.

It isn't finished - but it is nearly there. But I have tried to avoid the net, tele etc for three days. Kev did it for a week -and he wasn't even away in some remote outpost of this planet... and no, English Persons - Edinburgh is NOT a remote outpost of this planet.

Kev has nothing but my admiration. Staying away from the internet is tough. Especially as my kids have just introduced me to this site. Now - if you will excuse me I just need to go and see how many football league teams I can name in 10 minutes.

Answer 63 out of 72. Will just have to do it again!


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I really liked the idea of the non-tech week, away from phones and from the net and from all non-face to face communication.

But work prohibits that action being reasonable and sadly I know that I do not trust myself to not exploit its accessibility at work so here I am stuck.

Having said that, I do have 'quiet days' when I duck from tech as much as possible. And the trips to NZ are great for just doing awol on the online life I usually live.

I too have addiction online and I think most know what they are!

jay said...

I like the idea of a digital detox .. but I fear I could never do it. Uh-uh. I'm hooked!

Addictions onliine? Who me?


Well .. except for maybe one teeny tiny little itty bitty addiction. To, you know, that guy. LOL!

Kevin Williamson said...

The digital detox week was my most productive and enjoyable week for ages. Wrote loads. Played loads. Wandered about. I'd totally recommend giving it a try.

One of two folk got a wee bit humpty cos I wasnt answering their calls, texts or their emails. But that wasnt my problem. All in all it felt more like freedom than a chore. Gonna do it regularly.

My TV set is now dumped at the council recycling place and I've given telly up for good now. Cant say I miss it either. Not quite ready to give up the internet though. Not yet anyhow.

J.J said...

I can't see you ditching the tele whilst there is any chance one Mr Tennant will appear on it Lisa!

Jay - any living breathing woman would understnd your addiction - as would quite a lot of men I feel!

Kev - I think what you did was brilliant. The way our lives can revolve around technology is terrifying, but I know on occassions when our computer at home goes wrong the first couple of days without it are hell, but then suddenly we get our lives back for a while.

Karen said...

Nope I wouldn't give up the TV just in case a certain Mr Tennant comes on ;) I love the internet but I can cope without it. I can also cope without my mobile phone but do feel a bit lost without it when out of the house. However if I was on holiday I wouldn't go online or take my mobile and would be incommunicado the whole time.

J.J said...

Karen there is no way I could cope without my mobile phone. Just could NOT do that.

Gill said...

I've been inadvertantly doing a low tech few weeks as the weather has been so nice that I've been out in the garden or on the fells. We have such beautiful long light evenings up here so I've only watched a couple of things on TV and had to do some work on the computer- but that was it. And mobile phone reception is so patchy round here that I usually forget to have my phone switched on anyway.