Saturday, May 23, 2009


To Torquay and in particular to my favourite ever player for the Cobblers, Chris Hargeaves, who is their captain and scored their first goal at Wembley to win the Blue Square Premier Play off final and therefore return to the league. And if you look at this I think you may agree he was due some good luck. Note especially what he says about his play off semi with Northampton. The most emotional experience I have ever had at a football match that day. (From the days when I used to love my football team which is of course now all in my past????)

Come on Millwall in their play off final tomorrow!


Martin said...

Hard luck Millwall.I wish I could say the something positive about Torquay other than it was the best result for us financially.

J.J said...

Blimey! That was a bit of a shocker. They don't like you very much do they Martin? Mental!