Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tally ho chaps

It was only a matter of time before the Tories came out with this. Surprise, surprise - they want to repeal the hunting ban.

Support is growing for the ban on hunting with dogs to be scrapped, shadow justice minister Edward Garnier has told the BBC. And what do you know? Mr Garnier is a member of The Countryside Alliance.

According to their website which I can't be arsed to link to, The Countryside Alliance 'works for everyone who loves the countryside and the rural way of live.' Well I love the countryside and the rural way of life but they sure as hell don't work for me.

Does anyone else remember them claiming the hunting ban would cost 16,000 jobs? I read recently how many jobs it actually cost. Nil. Narda. Not a single one. Trustworthy, honest bunch aren't they?

And does anyone else remember their marches? I do because the landowners round our way ordered their staff to attend them, whether they wanted to or not.

I heard Mr Garnier bring in the old line about how we anti hunters suffer from class envy. Well no, although we may note that Mr Cameron was at Eton and has many chums who are likely to enjoy a morning out with the hounds. What we do suffer from though is a rather strong anti cruelty streak.

But no matter whether people do or do not care about the issue of hunting per se, does it not seem somewhat antiquated to even be considered bringing such a 'pastime' back? This is the 21st Century after all. They will be letting people smoke again in public places next - and doesn't it seem incredible that that was still allowed less than two years ago here?


Anonymous said...

Well the Tory party is never going to be progressive in its thinking is it?

Like your blog by the way - first time visitor.


Jay said...

Politicians are incomprehensibe. They can never see past the next election, though, and will only do what they think is in their best interests.

The one good thing about the repeal of the 'hunting with dogs' ban is that perfectly innocent owners of less-than-well-behaved dogs will no longer go in fear of their dogs' lives.

A fellow greyhound owner had someone report him for 'hunting with dogs' because his two spontaneously ran after a fox one day while out on a walk. Someone saw him and reported him. Now, OK, you could say he should have had better control, but how many of us have perfect control and can foresee all circumstances? This poor man had recently had a heart attack and was quite ill wondering if his beloved dogs (who had never actually caught anything, by the way) would be destroyed on a technicality.

As a keeper of greyhounds myself, it worries me considerably that I could be in the same position one day.

I think the problem with the 'hunting with dogs' law is the same as that with the 'dangerous dogs' act. It was rushed through without due thought and it is open to misinterpretation.

Did you know that under the Dangerous Dogs Act, a law intended to curb the ownership of pit bull terriers and other breeds involved in serious attacks on people, the description also fits greyhounds?

'Short-haired, long-nosed, muscular breeds'. Yeah, that fits a greyhound, but a more gentle breed with people it would be hard to find.

Anonymous said...

If the Conservatives put a repeal of the smoking ban in their manifesto, I might consider voting for them. Ha ha only joking! But it wasn't in the Labour Party's to ban it, was it?
Yours in struggle

J.J said...

Hi Sandra -thanks for your comment.And erh - no it isn't!

Jay - The dangerous dogs act is an object lesson in how not to pass legisaltion.

Hey Messalina - can't really see you voting Tory sweetheart!