Monday, April 06, 2009

I am not from Nottingham

I wouldn't particularly mind if I was from Nottingham as I like the place, although I might worry over much about gun crime of which it is alleged to be the UK capital. I probably wouldn't support The Cobblers if I came from Nottingham, but that would surely have added to the quality of my life. It has good shops, good pubs, good bands play there on a regular basis, it has 2 reasonable football teams, and it isn't too far to get to good walking country. Plus it's not too far from Northampton - though granted if I wasn't in fact from Northampton, the proximity of Nottingham to Northampton probably wouldn't cross my radar.

Anyway, as I was saying, I am not from Nottingham. So why is it that when ever I visit a blog that has one of those Live Traffic feeds it always says I have just arrived from Nottingham?

For example:
Live Traffic Feed
Top Nottingham Blogs
Nottingham arrived from on "Demob happy teacher"

No! Wrong! It's all lies! People will be thinking I never visit them - but I do! Just not via Nottingham.

Reading the above, one might conclude that yours truly has nothing much worth writing about. One would pretty much conclude correctly -apart from a stupendous Friday night out seeing the Mekons and meeting up with this handsome pair.

It was great seeing you both!


Jennyta said...

Consider yourself lucky, JJ. Mine usually has me as coming from Sheffield or Rotherham. Now what part of north Wales are they in, I wonder?

John said...

Hey J.J.

They don't have dance moves like that in Nottingham! ;-)

Jay said...

And I'm apparently from London. Well .. they're a bit late on that one, since I moved away when I was ten years old!

I wonder if it depends on which server it was routed through? It's vastly inaccurate, anyway.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I am arriving from Nottingham - for what it is worth!

And that alleged allegation about Nottingham -- *sigh* it really isn't but we DO have a terrible press on the matter...

J.J said...

Jenny - very deepest and very darkest North Wales I woudl guess!

John - a definite point against Nottingham :-)

Jay - I don't understand it at all.

Lisa - you are from Nottingham and my site meter correctly records that you are from Nottingham! It has actually got one right!

My son is planning on coming to Nottingham in September btw - so long as he gets the results he needs anyway.