Sunday, April 19, 2009

I spy

with my little eye something beginning with 'C'?

Luckily, there was this helpful little sign to give us a clue where the mist covered castle could be located.

I felt pretty bad for my friend as she had never been to Edinburgh before and I had gone on and on about how scenic it is. When we arrived on Wednesday we could see what I can only describe as Bugger All. I was talking to a guy in a kilt about the lack of view a few days later. "Aye" said he, "I had never seen it that bad ma sen." 'Oh my God!' thinks I - 'Just how unlucky were we?' "And how long have you been here?" I asked noting that he looked about 30. "Three weeks", he replied. Turned out he had only just moved to Edinburgh from Stirling.

Mind you - no complaints about the views when the weather did clear.


trousers said...

I'm envious: I love Edinburgh. Even in the mist. Last time I went - February - there was still plenty of snow and ice, but stunningly bright sunshine. But I think it's one of those places I could more than tolerate (to understate the case) in any weather, at any time of year.

Rodders said...

I've only ever been to Edinburgh once, for a couple of days in early 2005. I went up there to watch ice hockey, I crammed in lots of touristy stuff, not enough mind! Including visiting a Scottish Mining Museum, about half an hour or so on a bus ride away. But what fucked me up was I'd only 'seen' the place on tourist maps...none of which said how fucking hilly the place was!
I also went on one of those open top tourist buses, & I was the only one on the top it started snowing. I wasn't going downstairs, I wanted my moneys worth!

J.J said...

Trousers, it really is a tremendous city isn't it?

Rodders, why is it that the weather is always crap when one goes on an open top bus tour. That even happened to me in Barcelona - POURING with rain and freezing. And it was bloody well August!!!!

Miss jane said...