Sunday, November 16, 2008

Look out

Iain Dale. The blogger beloved of the media has a rival and he must be shaking in his Tory boots. Yes, another blogger - well known to literally tens of other bloggers (or at least to tens of other people if you count all my distant relations) is in running for the title of media darling.

Or not.

OK - not content with snogging Tony Blair in full view of television cameras (another story)- in my mad pursuit of media recognition I e-mailed Radio 5 on the subject of Baby P. I had been listening to the Victoria Derbyshire programme and the phone in was about how social workers did bad. After the discussion ended I sent an email about it and thirty seconds later my mobile rang. Radio 5 to say they were very interested in what I had said and would I be prepared to talk on air to Victoria about it? Well modesty forbade - but obviously I got over that and





Well - not quite as one does not want to appear too easy to get, but opportunity to sound off on a subject close to my heart???? Here we go, here we fucking go. I did agree and I did indeed chat with Vix (as her closest bosom pals know her) and it seemed to go OK. As in; I didn't make a complete and utter tit of myself on nationwide radio.*

Half an hour or so later though I got another call. BBC News. I assumed it was the radio station again and was therefore more than a little thrown to be asked if I would appear on a television discussion programme they planned to put out on Friday evening. So fame and if not fortune maybe at least a token expense claim beckoned.

Petite Anglais, Norm, The Girl With the One Track Mind, that other tart that sold books about how being a prostitute is really ace. For one moment 'It Could Have Been Me' too.

Except I said I couldn't possibly. But thank you very much for asking me.

* And did anyone I know ring me to say they heard me and I was bloody marvellous? No they did not.

Although maybe they did hear me, and thought it kindest to pretend they did not!


Gill said...

ooh well done. is it up online anywhere to listen to?

jay said...

Fame at last!!! Well done!

Why did you refuse the TV? Too nervous? Didn't want to overwhelm your tens of fans? What?


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Wise move to avoid the TV I think - though I do like the idea of you being a media star! Wish I could have heard you on the radio!

JoeinVegas said...

And, just why could you not go on the program? You would have been ace.

Anonymous said...

So, what did you say?

I love Vix but hate phone-ins! Or should that be phones-in?


Martin said...

About 1 hour 20 mins into Friday's show. (Listen Again)

Understandably you sound nervous to start with but soon relax and then it's over!

J.J said...

Gill - apparently so - as I have just read thanks to Martin. Shit!

Jay - well, television apparently puts ten pounds on you so I couldn't possibly!

Lisa - I think I would have been in breach of my contract and I am not looking for any more trouble. You know what I am saying here....

Joe - work would have had a fit - and I would probably have had a discipinary hearing.

Waffled on about Haringey council and the Children's Act.

Martin - OH NO!!!!!
I don't think I can bare to listen to it myself.