Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love local news stories

This one comes from Reidksi's home town. It has the lot - a mistake that could happen to anyone (couldn't it?), sex (possibly), violence (definitely), the bowling club (naturally), and a great last line.

Margaret refused to comment.

In those circumstances that seems like the wisest course of action....unless of course she is just waiting for the tabloids to ocme up with their best offer for her Exclusive.


Gill said...

Oh I LOVE it!

J.J said...

Yes Gill - so much to enjoy in justthe one sorry tale. ;-)

jay said...

Hahahahahaha!!! That's hilarious!! LOL!

Still, you wouldn't want to stay with someone who lashed out so violently, would you? Whether they were right or wrong.

Still laughing though!

J.J said...

Jay - glad you appreciated it too!

marc said...

Reidski oddly silent on this one!!

J.J said...

Marc - according to him this would never have happened had the local bowling clubs not been forced to admit women as members!