Monday, November 10, 2008

And how was your election night?

I haven’t mentioned the US election have I? Not because I didn’t care, and I can tell you I got very little sleep on the Tuesday night, but in the event it wasn’t fear that the polls had got it wrong that stopped me sleeping, but flashbacks to something that had happened earlier that night.

Reidski had been up to see me and we were headed for the train station for him to get home, but before then I had pulled into a petrol station; not for fuel but to go in the shop. I was driving in between two sets of pumps when the driver of a vehicle which was stationary at a pump to my left flung open her car door right in front of me. At first I thought I had managed to stop in time as I felt no impact and I put the window down to ask her what on earth she thought she was doing. “What do you mean, what the hell were YOU doing?” was the abridged version of the response, minus one or twenty swear words. She then announced my car was damaged so I got out and said “OK – we need to exchange our details then.” “I’m not fucking giving you no details” she screeched.

She then discovered she had damaged the bottom corner of her car door and that she couldn’t shut it and that was when she went completely mad – as did the woman she was with. The driver kept screaming “Hold me back, hold me back!” as she was so desperate to punch my face in. She accused me of driving like a bat out of hell – I said “What, about 10 miles an hour?” and she screamed “There! You admit driving like a mad woman!” That was when I asked her if she had been drinking but she said they had been at a meeting. I am a social worker and must never be judgemental – but they were dressed up like a pair of tarts – all thongs showing and tattoos on lots of exposed bare flesh. Is that the normal dress code these days for attending ‘a meeting’?

My observation that “You didn’t look” before she flung open her door remained ignored.

As she flatly refused to exchange any details I tried to get some photos – and she and her friend tried to stop me, but I did get one in the end of her registration and then we left before they did actually physically attack me. Both of us were sure they were about to do just that. Neither of us was actually that keen to get into any kind of fight. No doubt if trouble had started Reidski would have ended up in trouble for touching a female even though he would only have been trying to look after me.

Afterwards I was shaking like a leaf. They had really frightened me, but when I was actually at the scene I was determined not to let them know I was intimidated

I went to the police the next morning, and obviously informed my insurers. I also checked with the garage and they do have CCTV footage of the incident. One dent in my bumper = £558 worth of damage.

To no ones surprise, in the light of the way she reacted to an accident which was entirely and utterly her fault (I refer you to the Highway Code Section 239 - You MUST ensure you do not hit anyone when you open your door. Check for cyclists or other traffic) – I have just had it confirmed that she is not insured. Fuck it.

I can not express just exactly how much I wish this woman to get bucket loads of trouble for this.

P.S. All that night as I lay awake replaying the incident in my mind, I didn’t dare turn the radio on, as I felt bad enough as it was. If on top of that Obama had lost I would have cried.


jay said...

I am not usually judgemental either but I can safely say that I have a very clear picture of these two women. I've had run-ins with similar.

I'm sorry that happened. I hope you pursue it and take them to court if your car is sufficiently damaged to warrant it. And of course, they could be prosecuted for imtidating behaviour, leaving the scene of an accident, etc. I hope the police are pursuing that!

Look on the bright side - at least Obama won, huh? ;)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

God, I dread to think how I would have reacted to that -- I tend to lurch between terrified and stupidly able to argue back (Cloud will verify my 'in-yer-face' reactions to major moron encounters).

I'll echo Jay that if possible I'd pursue it -- insurance or not. Other crimes were committed than just the Highway Code being violated.

But yeah, at least Obama didn't lose...

Jennyta said...

Sorry to hear about your horrible encounter,JJ. I certainly hope the police take it further but, sadly, have my doubts...

Fire Byrd said...

no where near the seriousness of your incident, but on Sunday at a garage I got into my car after filling up. There's a car behind me that starts honking the horn. I need to do up my seat belt and he edges ever closer to my bumper still honking. I am intimadated but determined not to go until I'm safe. As I drive off he opens his window and screams and screams at me.... Why, what did he gain, 10 seconds 20 in his precious busy life.
People are such wankers sometimes.

Reidski said...

"he would only have been trying to look after me" - aye, right! I was shitting myself that she'd batter me also!

John said...

Hi J.J.--

From your description, it sounds like they weren't women at all but a couple of sailors in drag. Perhaps they HAD been to a "meeting."

JoeinVegas said...

I don't know the laws there, with the video and your pictures can the police prosecute her for no insurance and being the one at fault? If the issue her a citation then a small claims court case should be rather simple, it's collecting the money that might be difficult.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

What utterly horrid women! Until you wrote this post I had naturally assumed that all residents of Northampton were rather posh/refined. Perhaps the nasty ladies in question had driven down from Liverpool or some other bastion of northern ignorance.

J.J said...

Jay and Lisa - thank you both and I really do intend to persue this. And yes - at least Obaba won!

jenny, I also strongly suspect the police haven't exacyly put it at the top of their 'To Do' lists.

Pixie - I just do not know what is some people's 'problem'. Like you say - that moron maybe saved 20 seconds. Probably a stolen vehicle so he didn't want to get captured on CCTV.

Reidski - you were right to be scared!

John - so probably Reidski had even more reason to be scared than I did!

Joe - it is an offense here to drive without insurance and given that there is video evidence I truly hope that at the very least she gets done for that.

YP - I don't know what my town is coming to allowing the likes of them freedom of movement.

marc said...

Hey JJ

Did ya get any pics of the women at least? That would've been a chuckle to post them up! A little visual aid if you will...

J.J said...

Marc - I fear she would have cracked my camera had I attempted to photograph her.

timesnewroman said...

I don't believe Reidski was with you and he didn't let out a series of expletives. Remember the time he railed at that driver because she didn't indicate?

J.J said...

Jim - this is going to come as a bit of a shock to you so sit down before you read on.

He doesn't swear anymore.


There was 'an incident' in which he swore rather a lot and he then decided not to swear again.

He will tell you allabout it I am sure, but now I keep getting bollocked for swearing.

(Sorry I just swore Reidksi)