Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've just gone off my favourite programme

I didn't like reading that other contestants snubbed John at the end of Sunday's results programme.

I don't like it that John Sergeant has now quit Strictly Come Dancing. If this show is a dancing competition then just pick 'celebrities' who are young, fit and have already got dancing experience. If it is, as some of us were under the impression it was, in fact harmless entertainment then pick a cross section of the population to take part and don't get hot under the collar when the voting public actually vote for the person that entertains them the most.

And yes I do realise that many people think SCD is neither of the above and is in fact just a load of rubbish, but I liked it in a passive non voting kind of way, and after today I really don't like it anywhere near as much.

For anyone who never had the pleasure of seeing John jive, and who is not easily distressed by dancing that is not of the highest possible standard.


Fire Byrd said...

In a way I suppose he had no choice, as the pressure to not let any of the 'good dancers' continue to loose out to him must have put him under terrible pressure and taken the fun out of it for him.
Whether that is right or wrong. And it's saved him being humilated by the judges and Bruce, who were all starting to sound prcious about it last week

Gill said...

Oh, I expect John Sargent got bored of being chased by the media all the time and wanted to sit down with a nice glass of sherry. I don't know if I can be bothered to watch on saturday now, I expect it will be a touch dull and smug and a bit technical. Amazingly my husband disagrees with me, we rarely disagree on anything but he was probably panicking that Rachel might get thrown off so he won't see her wriggling her arse about any more.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I never thought you were "sad" enough to watch such garbage! Maybe it's a girl thing. It was all tightly scripted back in August anyway. All contestants and judges have to learn their lines pretty perfectly in advance of each show. The Sargeant exit was cleverly planned to attract more media coverage in SCD viewers' favourite tabloid newspapers -i.e. "The Sun"!

Gill said...

I don't think it is just a girl thing, I was only sucked into watching it because my husband is obsessed. He even watches the behind the scenes updates EVERY NIGHT!

YP - you seem to be keen on stereotyping people.

John said...

Your favourite programme?! Some mistake, surely, J.J. I thought it was Top Gear.

J.J said...

Pixie - the fun has definitely gone out of the programme now.

Gill - have a word with your husband! Rachel is so obviously 'In it to win it' I haven't taken to her at all!!!

YP - I am Out and Proud as a Come Dancing Fan!

Gill - but also tell your husband I admire his taste in all other respects excluding Rachel!

Oh John - I just luuuurve that witty Jeremy Clarkson sooooo much.

I hang on his every word as he rants on about his inalienable right to speed on our roads without being hampered by cameras.

And then I throw up.

Gill said...

He hasn't actually said anything about Rachel, but he goes all gooey eyed and soft looking when she is dancing!

Arthur Clewley said...

I thought the little bit where Clarkson quoted that tosser Hoon about 'speed cameras are really good' and then with 'Iraq definately has weapons of mass destruction' pretty well summed up the credibilty and moral rectitude of speed camera fans

YP is right, these shows are tightly scripted and the sargent thing certainly keeps jonathan ross out of the news. it's all just marketing puff.

J.J said...

Gill - oh dear - he has it bad then?

Arthur - oh dear take 2. I have to confess that therefore I must have a lack of credibility and moral rectitude. I support speed cameras.

Arthur Clewley said...

I meant to say how seriously can you take the opinon on anything of someone, or a whole government indeed, who lies on a grand scale and murders people on an even larger scale.