Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some great news!

Front page of the Metro paper in Friday morning, and a journalist who one supposes is paid for her writing ability tells us:

'Women who took the contraceptive (pill) are 12 per cent less likely to die compared to those who have never taken it.'

I'm 12% less likely to die! Superb!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

If you only took one contraceptive pill do you get the 12% life extension the same as women who swallowed them for thirty years?

naldo said...

I had a vasectomy just so my beautiful lemon curd could come off the pill. The next day, (my birthday) Hearts got beat off Hibs.

It was a bad pair o days.

Am i a potentially murdering bampot?

Jay said...

I took it once, for a little while, so am I safe then? LOL!

Somebody, somewhere, one day, is going to add up all these percentages for and against if you do, or did, and if you take this or don't take that, and work out just what the heck IS healthy for us. But don't hold your breath!

Gill said...

ooh great I'm in the 12%! But If I'm not going to die and I keep getting older will I become some horrible creature from 'death becomes her'? Meryl Streep for instance?

JoeinVegas said...

Yes, do you get 12% for each pill you take? You might live forever!

J.J said...

YP - good question. No idea - but maybe if you took it for thirty years you have no chance of dying EVER?

Naldo - I admire you profundly for your sacrifice. I understand a bag of frozen peas can be helpful at such times.

Jay and Gill - we can all live forever together! Where is the endless supply of botox though I wonder?

Joe - I cna't even do the maths for the number I must have taken times how long I am therefore going to be aorund for.

Seriously though - how can a journalist be allowed to get away with such appalling use of words?