Monday, March 08, 2010

Last Tuesday

I was set on a leisurely start to my day. No need to rush into the office and so a nice soak in the bath seemed in order.

The bath was run and awaited me with lots of lovely scented bubbles making it especially inviting. I was just about to jump in when the phone rang..... My eldest son to say he had had a car crash.

All that matters in this story is that he was fine. He skidded on black ice on a country road and a tree stump that got hit took its revenge by ensuring his car was a write off. I repeat - he was fine.

Somehow he was able to drive the car home. When I saw him coming up the drive I thought it didn't look too bad - but I was wrong. Up close it was very bad indeed.

My bath had gone cold by this time so I gave up on that as a bad job and got ready for work, but not before getting the washing out the machine to start drying it. A tissue had gone in the wash too. It was clearly one of those days.

It was also my sodding birthday :-(


Jennyta said...

Well, it's wonderful that your son wasn't hurt and hopefully the rest of your birthday will get better.
Best wishes anyway.:)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oh lordy, what an event to happen on your birthday. Mainly glad your boy is fine. And I hope everything since has made up for the trauma.

Hope things improve

jay said...

Well, thank heavens he was OK! A car can be replaced, a son cannot!

The tissue in the machine thing is sooo familiar to me! LOL!

And it was your birthday. *Hugs*

brett said...

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Is it like wedding anniversaries - paper, pearl, ruby etc.. - your "sodding" birthday as opposed to your "effing" birthday. Judging by glimpses of you in photos you have posted I am guessing that the "sodding" birthday must be the thirty fifth. Do all young people have to have minor car accidents as a rite of passage or something?

J.J said...

Jenny - my birthday really could only get better after that beginning and it did thank you :-)

Lisa - yes, great timing wasn't it?

Jay - I can't even think about the 'could have beens'.
And curses on tissues in the washing machine!

Brett you an an arse and I hate you.

YP - you are a charming gentleman and I love you.

I also like the idea of attaching expletives to birthdays as they increase in number.

Gill said...

I don't suppose it will help if I ask how old you are now? Hope something nice came your way eventually ;-)

J.J said...

Some very nice things came my way Gill - thank you :-)