Friday, December 12, 2008

One is

frightfully chuffed.

The other two Northamptonshire bloggers are positively seething!


Arthur Clewley said...

is 'frightfully chuffed' northamptonshire sexual slang? no wonder people in the cafe at those services on the A43 exit are smiling so much, well it's certainly isn't the coffee...

trousers said...

Oh, well done!

By the way, the word verifications seem so much more interesting these days - the one I have to type in for this comment, is mingnap, I kid you not.

Fire Byrd said...

Speech, speech.... now you can go on a tour of Northamptonshire addressing it's lessor citizens and wishin for world peace whilst wearing your bathing coastume.... or something like that!

J.J said...

Arthur - we Northampton people are always very smiley whether or not we are 'getting any'.

Trousers - I like 'mingnap' very much!

Pixie - *Practising* - "I want to work with little children and kittens."