Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the other hand

Lisa and Brendon's showdance was the most inadvertently hilarious thing I have seen this year. The comments about it here have made me cry with laughing.

"Alien:The Musical".

A classic.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why do women call the programme "Strictly" - rather than the fully expanded title? It's like me saying to a mate, "Did you see "Match" on Saturday night?"
I just thought - Thank God the bloody thing has finished until I heard they are doing a bloody Christmas special! AAAAARRRRGGGH!

Fire Byrd said...

And bar humbug to you Mr Y P... it's wonderful stuff a real feel good factor in the winter gloom. And frankly so much more entertaining than bloody football.... she says ducking!

Reidski said...

about time you were blogging again, hon!

marc said...

>>about time you were blogging again, hon!<<

So it's a vicarious thing for you then eh...'babe'?

Moo said...

Hi JJ, hope you are well and had a lovely Christmas and New Year....I'll be in Northampton in the very near future so see you soon for a cuppa!! x

J.J said...

Marc - oh totally! Happy New Year btw to you and D. I loved your card.

Moo - nice one! Let me know when.