Thursday, December 18, 2008

I saw this today*

The dog in question was stood patiently waiting for its master to catch him up. It was very touching.

Without wanting to come over all sentimental on you (although why not - it is Christmas) - it seemed poignant that at a time when we are being told increasing numbers of people are chucking their pets out for reasons such as
'My cat doesn't match my new carpet' that others will spare no expense to keep their much loved pet alive.

*Well - not the exact same dog ( I googled for a photo), but one that looked very like it.


Reidski said...


Jay said...

I know. I didn't click on the link, but sadly I hear similar stories on the Greytalk forum all the time. One just this week - a GT member found an ancient collie wandering loose, and took her home, had her checked out by a vet at their own expense, and went to a lot of trouble to find the owner ... who said they hadn't been looking for her because they figured she'd wandered off to die and no, they didn't want her back. It's quite stunning to me. :(

I'll tell you this, if my little Pirate should ever get so weak in the back end that he'd find a cart useful, he shall have one. I have a link saved for both the carts, and assistance harnesses.

Gill said...

I have a temporary cat while the owners are away and it doesn't match our oak flooring. Should I opt for a respray of the cat or the floor?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

"Honey! I'll be back later! Just taking the dog out for a roll!"