Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let me just say

that I am rather pleased.

My son rather less so. He had made what in my expressed opinion was the crazy decision to drive up to Bolton last night with a mate. He rang me early evening to say they had got as far as Coventry and had decided that they might not make Bolton in time for kick off so were going to see the Coventry Newcastle match instead. Not only was he devastated at missing our famous victory - he was none too happy when I texted him about Coventry's injury time equaliser - seeing as how the two of them had just left the match a minute before.

He said he has had more successful evenings.

Thank god for that eh?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Congratulations on the famous victory at Bolton! I'd feel even happier about it if the Tigers hadn't lost at Swansea!

J.J said...

Thank you YP and also Oh dear YP.

I probably shouldn't mention that the last time we played Swansea when they were run away leaders of League 1 we won 4-2 and were three nil up within 25 minutes.... so I won't.