Monday, August 18, 2008

The boys done good

Good enough anyway.

Younger son passed all four on higher grades than his brother did this time last year, and older son got an A and a C at A Level and a B at AS Level and has got a place on the course he wanted for September next year (coming up to your neck of the woods Yorkshire Pudding.)

One of the reasons I was so genuinely worried was that my eldest’s GSCE’s were so decidedly average that he ended up taking two subjects at A Level which he should never have been doing – French and Maths. French was dropped within his first six weeks in the 6th Form, and Maths whilst lasting the entire year came to an inglorious end with an Unclassified at AS Level. To get the points tally he needed to get into university he really had to perform in his exams this time round and from where I was sitting it didn’t look like that was happening. The Parents Evening in March this year was just horrible with dire warnings from all his teachers. So I guess when my back was turned he MUST have worked since then – but I’m still not entirely sure precisely when.

My eldest told me afterwards that getting those results was the greatest moment of his life – and he had previously thought nothing would ever beat the feeling he got when he passed his driving test. Can’t tell you how lovely it was to hear him say that. Or what a relief those results really were.


Jennyta said...

I'm so pleased they have done well. Now you can sit back and relax - till the next time! ;)

Reidski said...

Well done, the boys!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

If your eldest lad is coming up to Sheffield, we can give him a room with meals for a mere £200 a week but he must be in bed by eleven thirty and is not allowed to bring girls home. He must also mow the lawn when instructed to do so.
Mummy should have had more faith in the guys!

Karen said...

Congrats to them - and you must be relieved!

J.J said...

Jenny - thank you. I have worked out that I only have another four years on the trot in which I need to worry about school exam results. Let's not even start thinking about university ones yet.

Thank you too Reidski xx

YP - very generous offer. If you can guarantee to keep him sober for the four year course I am sure we can come to a mutually acceptable deal!

Karen - more relieved than I can say!