Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here we go, here we go, here we go

First day of the football season was upon us once again. No sense of expectations for today as we have failed to win our opening home match of the season for the past 13 years. But records like that are of course there to be broken and tonight I am a Happy Cobbler as we won 4-2 today against The Mighty Cheltenham. Don't believe they are that Mighty huh? Well let me tell you that to the best of my knowledge Cheltenham Town have, at various points in their history, spent literally hundreds of pounds on players good enough to wear their shirt. ;-)

And if only the table looked like this come the last day of the season we wouldn't complain too much.

(Millwall lost 4-3 having been 3-1 up with 79 minutes left to play.)


Karen said...

Well I am a happy fox (rather that than a happy blue!) as we won 3-2against the mighty Bristol Rovers :) no doubt we will lose against Crewe at home next weekend though.

Fire Byrd said...

football Gawd not already! I'm getting up to watch the diving that's enough.
I've changed my name form Bollingerbyrd I'm now

J.J said...

A good away win there Karen.

Yes FB - I am afraid so! My daughter is in mourning following her beloved Tom's diving competition. She has a huge crush on him and we both now hate Blake Aldridge cos he was nasty about Tom!