Monday, August 02, 2010

I am a neglectful blogger

I guess it is generally the case that unless one is Iain Dale (and who would want to be Iain Dale)that most of us bloggers run out of energy and/or inspiration after 'x' number of years churning this stuff out. There is only so many times I for example can report that Reidski and I had a great night together, before any readers out there make a sharp exit in the direction of someone writing something mildly original. Not that I want Reidski and I to have a dreadful night together in order to provide you with variety you understand......

So what is actually new?

Well my garden pond is new! I am very happy about this, although I do wish I had cut the hedge before taking the photo. The pond was previously a potato patch in which potatoes never grew (they tend to need to be planted first in order to subsequently grow), but in which weeds flourished. It now looks much prettier believe me. And I have fish! Actually the main motivator for me getting this pond was the knowledge that Reidski may soon be moving from his flat where he has a pond and fish - and I was worried about those fish getting neglected. I plan to transfer them at such time as he moves out. (Although his fish would appear to have survived perfectly well on many years of neglect - we didn't know there were any fish in his pond until he'd been there over a year!)(The water could not be described as crystal clear.)

Having fish should be relaxing really, but I do have trouble chilling out by my pond until all five of my present brood have been accounted for each time I visit. I live in constant fear of abduction. The accounting for them bit isn't so easy either. They don't answer when I call them, they don't all emerge from underneath the lily pads at the same time, and they are difficult to tell apart. So it appears that I am stuck with " sitting there by the side of the pond until such time as the fish make themselves visible, independently and simultaneously" and this is no ideal solution: today it took eleven minutes. Still - it beats working.

In other news we have been to Paris. I think Reidksi has just about recovered from the nine euros for a pint of lager incident. Lucky that I am a qualified first aider.

We managed to go to places we had not explored before which was mainly great - the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, the opulent Versailles, and the enormous Pere Lachaise cemetery. Traveller's tip: Do not go to this cemetery without purchasing a map. We did not purchase a map. La Grande Mistake. Mausoleums can all start to look alike after the first two hours of searching for dear Oscar. Not so great was the familiarity we gained with the exit of the Abbesses Metro Station which was as far as our trip to Montmartre got. The rain - the like of which we had never seen before - was so bad that after having spent god knows how long not leaving the metro station we ended up agreeing that killing over four hours in the Gard du Nord before our train was due was actually a better option than going out in that rain. (Having taken the over four hours at the Gard du Nord option, I'm not entirely sure if we were right but never mind.)

In other news we are going to Shropshire later this week. This is actually a mistake, because if I had known when booking our hotel that Ludlow (Shropshire) was not in fact Ledbury (Herefordshire) we would be going to Herefordshire. Herefordshire is where we were supposed to be going - but Ludlow looks very nice anyway.

I am sure in the immortal words of Mr Bennett that I have by now 'Delighted you long enough', so will over and out.

Coming soon (I suspect), the episode in which Jane makes a complete idiot of herself at a job interview.


Jennyta said...

Neglectful? Me too. It must be catching. Hope you enjoy your break anyway.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ludlow is lovely: you'll be fine!

Besides: you, neglectful? Never!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

a) Buy plastic heron to stand near pond
b) As Lisa says Ludlow is delightful and Shropshire is the second best county in England
c) Good luck with the job interview - no doubt a promotion.
d) re. (c) Can you lend me fifty quid?

marc said...

Luxembourg Garden is a beaut. At Pere Lachaise, did you look for Jim Morrison as well? I think he & Oscar make wonderful 'cemetary mates'! Nine euros for a pint??? I can see our man popping a blood vessel over that one!

Jay said...

You're going to Shropshire by mistake? Oh, how funny! I bet you love it though!

Fun to read about your fish - I do the same, though we have only four that look identical; the blue orfe. Luckily, they're very lively fish and like to 'school' so it's not usually a problem counting them.

J.J said...

Thanks Jenny - it was erh - eventful!

Lisa, Ludlow was indeed lovely. More on that to follow soon I hope!

YP - plastic heron is a great idea. Thank you. The job interview has been rearranged but bound to be a disaster!

Marc - we did eventually find Jim. Reidski nearly joined him following the nine euros for a pint incident.

Jay - I really did love Shropshire - once we finally got there. See link on main page!!!

Gill said...

If you're going to sit by the pond you should get a red pointy hat and grow a beard, maybe hold a little fishing rod?

J.J said...

Gill, I have the beard already so I'm well on my way!