Monday, August 16, 2010


The most important thing about this story is what car he drove.

A variation on 'Woman, blonde, 39' I suppose.


Reidski said...

And that he was a 'millionnaire' of course. And, in the second paragraph, we so need to know the age of wifey.

Journalism is populated by idiots. My few days at Reuters was a great example to me of this! I was embarrassed by these immature fucking morons, practically wanking themselves silly when whoever was England manager at the time was announcing a squad for the next crap game!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

What a tragic story. If only Mr Challen were alive to tell his side of the story. I'm not bothered what sort of car he drove but I would like to know what kind of hammer it was. From B&Q? A claw hammer? Lump hammer? Hickory-handled hammer? Sledge hammer or one of those rubber mallets that campers use? Perhaps this is what the police were discussing with the murderess for three hours at Beachy Head.