Monday, February 08, 2010

Suggestions for Valentine's Day.

Moving on to the subject of romance - what with it being in the air and all that, if you are really lost for an original Valentine's Day gesture, how about wining and dining her at the Northampton/Aldershot match for a mere £99.00 for the two of you? If you think that sounds a bit expensive do keep in mind that it includes a cash bar in the price - generous huh?

But if you think that's bad, Reidski is threatening to get me a brick.

He received this tempting offer from Celtic:

Hello Reidski from Celtic Football Club
Are you looking for an unusual gift for yourself or your loved one?
If the answer is yes, then look no further! Celtic Football Club are offering you the chance to buy a limited edition porcelain brick in the tunnel!
A unique gift that lasts for years and that any Celtic fan will be proud to own. Very limited, very exclusive and very memorable. Be with the Bhoys as they stand shoulder to shoulder readying themselves to take on the best of the rest.
As part of your limited edition brick package you will receive a free adult tour ticket with a full paying adult tour ticket to enable you to see your brick once it is up.

AND ONLY £120!!!!


Malc said...

I wondered what had tempted Robbie Keane up here.

For a tenner, Wolves will allow you and your loved one turn out in central defence against Tottenham tomorrow night at Molineux - there's romance for you.

Gill said...

A brick. How romantic. I hope he bought you one, but I expect you will have to wait until the 14th to unwrap it.

Jay said...

Oh, good grief - you don't even get to take the brick home?? Hahahaha!!

And yes, very generous of them to let you spend cash at the bar once you've bought your very expensive dinner ticket. Gee ... *rolls eyes*

Have fun on Valentine's Day - with your brick. LOL!

Oh. One question; if the brick is yours, are you allowed to go along and execute very tiny graffiti on it?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Re. the brick - should that be a "b" or a "p"? I hope that Reidski gets you something a little more romantic - roses, chocolates or a pair of Doc Martens. With him being a Millwall fan some brass knuckledusters would no doubt be much appreciated.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

The Aldershot game versus a porcelein brick. Well it's obviously no contest which you would prefer.... ;)

I got Mark Kermode and New York in a bag as an early valley day pressie this year. If a brick was going to be purchased in my name, I'd want it to be for the new RSC theatre in Stratford!

PS Malc, I'm keeping quiet on that one about Wolves as partner is a Wolves fan...

J.J said...

I don't know about Wolves Malc, but feel sure Reidski and I could do a job for the Cobblers!

Gill, I promise that if he does get me a brick you and everyone else will be hearing what I have to say about that...

Jay - my brick - surely my right to scribble all over it? One would hope so at that price!

YP - can't ever wear Doc Martens anymore - not since some of their profits went towards buying (temporary) success for Rushden and Diamonds. Diamonds would on the other hand be quite welcome ;-)

And I like your present Lisa - and also the idea of the RSC brick. Maybe David T could personally thank you for your gift to the arts? :-)