Friday, July 04, 2008


Me and Reidski that is for a few days next week to Bruges.

I have been before but was only ten at the time and have happy memories of canal trips, and tasty chocolate and chips. (This time next week I will probably be considering 9 stone 13.5 pounds as a thoroughly acceptable weight!)

We got what appears to be a brilliant deal through one of those newspaper offers and without wanting to make anyone jealous (she lies) the hotel looks absolutely stunning. So next week I shall mostly be laying in the lap of luxury - unless Reidski has any better ideas ;-)

Before that though a heavy weekend of partying awaits me. It is a tough life isn't it?

Hope you all have as good a week as I intend to.

It is a pity it looks like I am going to miss the blood soaked revolution though.


Ruth said...

You should be so lucky - I wish only weighed that much! Seriously though - I've come to the conclusion it's more about how healthy you are than what you sodding well weigh! Just enjoy life and have a good laugh at the stinkhorns when you find them...

Arthur Clewley said...

I believe one king of Belgium's last words were 'bugger brugge' in which he reflected on the irony that a flemish town is always known by it's french name

Bollinger Byrd said...

Since we weigh the same and I consider myself to be healthy and slim what's wrong with your weight?
Your bmi is the important measurement and if your tall then you will come in as a prefect size.
Just as long as you don't eat too many chocs.... Have a fab time whatever size you are!

Moo said...

Have a fab time away, hotel looks gorgeous! As for the weight, who cares! Since coming back from my trek I have indulged a little but 1stone and half gone now so am keeping on track - still got loads more to lose before I will be happy!

ITs been aaages since I posted, I'm rubbish sorry! xxx

J.J said...

Hi Ruth. I am a woman on a mission to locate stinkhorns nowadays!

Arthur - good one! We did notice that in Bruges/Brugge all signs are in Flemish only whereas in Brussels they are all in Flemish and French.

Hi BB. I know I am fine and healthy - but it was a bloody shock to see how much weight I had apparently gained in six weeks of intensive exercise I must say!

Moo - it is always lovely to see you here sweetie!