Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I am NOT happy

Apologies for talking about my weight. I know that it is hardly the most pressing subject in the world (although 'Since when have I talked about pressing subjects?' Good point, but anyway...)

I am tall and I am slim. This I know. However, what I also know is that after prolonged periods of over indulgence (it isn't food that I over do - it is wine) my clothes don't fit so well and I develop a condition known as Weighing Scales Avoidance on account of should I step on any of those nasty inventions, I wouldn't like what I would see. I then develop the Something Will Be Done Mentality and I do it. I drop the wine and I up the exercise and after a period of indeterminate length I will finally get on the scales and know that some weight (although I never know how much) has been lost and my clothes fit well again.

So the Something Will Be Done Mentality set in for me at New Year and Something Was Done. The weight came off and the clothes fitted better but what has been different this time is that the exercise has stayed 'upped'. I have really been enjoying my trips to the gym and have gone there most days.

I do not weigh myself much and the previous time I got on the scales at the gym ( the only scales I use) I was 9 stone 4, and was perfectly happy that being my ideal weight. That must have been about six weeks ago. Since then though the scales have been removed on what is starting to look like a permanent basis. In the meantime I have continued working very hard indeed at the gym. In June I think there was a total of four days when I did NOT go to the gym. I feel fitter than I have done in years - and that in spite of the fact that I have exercised regularly for at least 16 years.

So why then I am not happy?

I am not happy because this morning, having stayed overnight with a relative, I spied some posh and expensive looking scales in her bathroom and got on them. thinking they were likely to be accurate.......

All that sodding hard work and sweat only to see the numbers 9 stone 13.5 pounds.

According to those scales I have put on so much weight I can't even do the sums!!!!

OK - I know they can't be telling me the whole story. At least one set of the scales I have used can not be entirely truthful. But to say it was discouraging is an understatement.

NOT happy.

Lettuce leaf anyone?


Gill said...

ah well, you've built good muscle tone and muscle is heavier than fat!

Gill said...

Though seriously- surely your happiness doesn't rest on whether or not you've put on a few pounds? And what kind of anally retentive domanatrix scales show .5 of a pound? BIN THEM!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hey, what's the problem? Many of we guys like our women meaty with fleshy love handles. Just relax. I haven't been on any scales since I was eighteen and have no idea how much I weigh plus I couldn't give a shit. Do you think primitive men weighed themselves? "Ugh! I gotta lose a few pounds since we feasted on reiindeer or maybe I should go out jogging from cave to cave. Yabbadabbadoo!"

Steg said...

9 stone 13.5 hardly sounds like an insurmountable problem. I'm sure it looks great on you anyway!

J.J said...

Hiya Gill! I can take a pound or two in my stride but 9 and a half when I have been working so hard at the gym was a bit of a blow I must admit! Anyway - have decided I really would have noticed if I had managed to but on that much weight so fast and have decided those expensive - and anally retentive - scales are just plain wrong!

YP - arrh yes, but those cave men never sat at a desk all day or in front of the tele all night. Weight watchers probably didn't do much of a trade in those days!

Steg - you are a gentleman and I thank you!

Jay said...

Gill is right - inch for inch, muscle weighs more than fat. If you've been working out, it could be that you've put muscle on while losing no fat. How do your clothes fit? If the answer is 'good', then stop worrying. Also don't forget that different scales can give you different answers, and you weigh different amounts at different times of the day. For an accurate reading, weigh yourself at the same time of day on the same day of the week on the same pair of scales.

Feel better now? :)

Karen said...

JJ I would give my left arm to weigh 9 st 13.5 again. and maybe I would if I cult off my left arm.... just kidding i won't really do it, i need it to type and if i can't type i am out of a job.